Step 1: Prospect for Ideal Clients

Your Book of Business

The first place you can start is your book of business. You will likely find several clients who don’t know about these plans and would appreciate you bringing this to their attention.

Look for the following:

  • A client who wants to contribute more than $61,000 annually or a higher percentage of income than allowed in a SEP or 401(k)
  • We can design plans for ages 30 and up, in some cases past age 71.
  • Sample Occupations:
    • Architect
    • Attorney
    • Author
    • Consultant
    • Landscaping Company
    • Contractor
    • CPA
    • Dentist
    • Entrepreneur
    • Family Business
    • Financial Planner
    • Franchisee
    • Graphic Designer
    • Independent Corporate Board Director
  • Independent Insurance Agent
  • Mortgage Broker
    • Physician
    • Real Estate Agent
    • Software Developer
    • Web site Entrepreneur

Note: The occupation is not the qualifier. Any profession or trade may qualify; it all comes down to having qualified earned income.

Step 2: Start Conversation with Prospect

Once you’ve identified qualified prospects, begin talking to them about significantly reducing their tax burden while at the same time preparing for retirement and an exit strategy from their business. These marketing tools will help you introduce Designer DB Plus™ and Cash Balance benefit plans.

  1. Designer DB Plus™ Proactive Tax & Retirement planning Strategies PowerPoint Presentation
  2. Phone Scripts with talking points
  3. FAQ’s
  4. Personalizable Brochure
  5. Short Designer DB Plus™ video link
  6. Customizable template letters for an email to CPAs and prospect

Step 3: Collect Data for a free no-obligation proposal.

Complete the Employee census and Fillable Proposal Request Questionnaire and email it to for a customized proposal.

Employee Census  Template Download

Fillable Proposal Request Questionnaire

Step 4: Contact Retirement Actuarial Services

Support from start to finish

RAS plan design experts can meet by phone, in person if local, or by video conference with you, your client, and your client’s CPA. We offer personalized service to make sure that the plan design:

  • Is optimal for your client
  • Meets the objectives of your client
  • Complies fully with the latest changes in IRS codes & regulations

Custom Proposal

No matter the situation, we can help your client with a customized plan that fits his unique situation. For example, whether your client is young or old, has numerous employees, or has multiple businesses, we’ll work with you, your client, and his CPA to design a custom plan that provides the best tax savings allowed by law.

Complete a Proposal Request Form. We’ll contact you within 24 hours.

Our team of professionals is committed to providing excellent service. Give us a call with any questions or special requests: 800-297-4987

Experienced Professionals and total sales support

Retirement Actuarial Services (RAS) specializes in designing, marketing, and administering Defined Benefit, Cash Balance plans,401k/Profit Share, and 401h post-retirement medical expense reimbursement accounts for businesses. Our plans are certified, reported annually, and filed by our team of enrolled actuaries and Chartered Retirement Plans Specialists to meet IRS and DOL rules and regulations.

Step 5: Start Managing New Assets


Plans can be opened any time of the year but must be funded before September 15 deadline for corporate tax filing with extensions. The sooner the plan is opened, the faster you can work with the client to make investment decisions.

Defined Benefit Plan Checklist

  • Have you or the client completed the Fillable Proposal Request Questionnaire?
  • Have you completed the Employee census?
  • Have you talked to a plan design consultant and set a time to review the proposal?
  • Does the client want to move forward with a plan?
  • Has your client paid his invoice for the plan design and documents?
  • Has your client received and signed the Plan Documents?

Once the plan documents have been signed and returned, we will work with you to open the investment account, and then you and your new client will decide on the appropriate investments.

As part of our duties, we will inform and alert you to any issues affecting your client’s plan.