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Designer 401k +™

Massive tax savings while funding your retirement!

  • Cash Balance Plans
  • Defined Benefit Plans
  • Profit Sharing Plan


Incidental Benefits

  • Tax Deductible
  • Tax Deferred Growth
  • Tax Free Distributions

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What We Do

Defined Benefit Plans

A Defined benefit (DB) plan is an IRS-approved qualified retirement plan

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Cash Balance Plans

Cash Balance Plans are referred to as “Hybrid” Plans. They generally offer The best of both worlds

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Designer 401k+ ™

Designer 401k+ ™ is the best of both worlds for retirement planning. By combining the large benefit

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Profit Sharing Plans

A Profit-Sharing Plan is any Retirement plan that accepts discretionary employer contributions

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Thinking About Retirement?
Paying too much In taxes?

You have finally built your business into a success, but with that success comes high tax liabilities. You are thinking you want to retire with the same income you have worked so hard to achieve, but have been shown Tax Qualified retirement plans like 401k, and SEPS, and found them to be inadequate for your needs. After looking at these options you have realized that they are often lopsided and often provide more of the benefits to the employees than yourself and the amount you could put away on a tax deductible basis is not nearly enough to provide you with the kind of lifestyle in retirement that you are used to.

Well the good news is you have found help with this problem. Retirement Actuarial Services LLC and their team of Enrolled Pension Actuaries and Professional Chartered Retirement Plans Specialist have dozens of years of experience in the world of Qualified Retirement and tax reduction planning. If you would like to learn how you can create a flexible tax qualified retirement plan with huge annual. Tax deductible contributions that favor you the owner averaging around 96% of the benefits, want to accelerate your retirement plan accumulation in the years that your business is booming, want to have creditor protected assets and a secure exit plan from your business, then we can help.

It’s never too early to start planning for retirement. When paired with Social Security, personal savings, and investment income, pension income can help you attain the perfect retirement lifestyle.

At Retirement Actuarial Services, we are well aware that a retirement fund is an essential component of the complete compensation plan that your firm executes for its employees. We offer a comprehensive range of services for the management of defined benefit plans, designing 401(k) and 401h accounts, as well as other types of retirement savings accounts.

With the aid of our Professional Retirement actuarial services in Nevada, our specialists can collaborate with you to design comprehensive, affordable retirement plans. We are experienced actuarial service providers that can assist you with retirement account sponsors, forecast plan funding requirements, identify alternatives available and investigate plan financing alternatives, measure estimates, and highlight changes and trends.

How We Work with You

Our Retirement Actuarial Services Nevada method consists of the steps listed below:

  1. Initial arrangements: In addition to compiling a description of the benefit plans and the existing premises, we also generate files that comprise plan documents for all policies, previous assessments, and any other pertinent information that may be necessary.
  2. Collecting and examining information: We gather personally identifiable information and then run it through industry-standard “edit and distribute” tools to guarantee that it is accurate and comprehensive. This includes a detailed census of active, inactive, and retired members, as well as a detailed overview of plan assets and a financial reconciliation to the valuation date that came before this one.
  3. Developing or modifying all software applications before testing them: All of the benefit provisions in your plan are taken into account when developing the actuarial computer algorithms that we use. Modifications to the programming are made on an ongoing basis in order to account for shifts in the benefits, contributions, and actuarial assumptions. Before, during, and after the actual processing of values, we put the apps through extensive testing to make certain that they function according to the blueprints.
  4. Verifying assumptions against experience: Since the last valuation, our specialists have monitored emerging trends and evaluated actuarial gains and losses. If required, we then review any uncommon outcomes with the plan.
  5. Calculations in actuarial are completed: At this point, we execute the final versions of computer valuation algorithms, generate worksheets and tables, and submit all hand calculations to a verifier to ensure mathematical accuracy.
  6. Examining the actuarial estimation: This evaluation is undertaken by one of the Supervising Actuaries and involves the full procedure, including the compilation of participant and financial data, computations, and program development. The Supervising Actuary is accountable for the accuracy and completeness of the actuarial results.
  7. Preparing a report: We provide our actuarial valuation report to the client and meet with them to review the research, its results, and any other pertinent issues. Then, we follow up with the customer on any actions that may result from the report.

Are you looking for Professional Retirement actuarial services in Nevada? Our team of actuarial services for retirement plans has expertise with:

  • All facets of pension plan management
  • Asset liability modeling support
  • Audit support
  • Governance analysis and documentation
  • Sessions for educating members
  • Compliance and oversight of pension law
  • Plan document/amendment preparation
  • Supplemental retirement plans
  • Transfer ratio monitoring

Engage in an instant conversation with us about the ways in which we could lessen the load placed on your business and better hone the boundaries of your retirement plans.

Taking care of your employees and adhering to the standards set by the industry go hand in hand; nevertheless, keeping up with the compliance requirements listed in the plan’s fine print is not an easy task. However, there is no need for you to panic since we are here to help you!

About Our Company

Retirement Actuarial Services is a group of specialists that focus on Qualified Retirement and Tax reduction planning as their primary areas of expertise. Our mission is to provide proprietors of small businesses with individualized retirement planning options and superior support for existing clients. Together with your tax counsel, we will endeavor to build a team that is knowledgeable in the creation, execution, and upkeep of effective wealth-creation techniques used by large corporations.

Every year, our company hosts and provides continuing education to certified public accountants (CPAs) in order to educate and keep them up to date on strategies that have the potential to significantly change the life of small business owners as well as changes in regulation to tax-qualified retirement planning.

Members of our actuarial team have earned a variety of professional designations, and they are members of organizations such as the American Society of Pension Professionals (ASPPA), the National Institute of Pension Actuaries (NIPA), the Joint Board for the Enrollment of Actuaries, the Society of Pension Actuaries, and the American Academy of Actuaries. In addition, our actuarial team has served on the Joint Board for the Enrollment of Actuaries.

What Are the Benefits of Using Retirement Actuarial Services (RAS)?

In this day and age of customer-centric service, we stand out from the competition thanks to the years of experience and flexibility that we have accumulated. Because of our work, our customers have been able to avoid paying millions of dollars in additional insurance premiums that would have been required by their policies.

We are more than willing to lend you our assistance in determining what, in light of your long-term goals, would provide the most favorable results for you in the long run. No matter the size of the company, our experienced staff works together with business owners to build solutions that are specifically catered to meet the requirements of each individual company. Because of the years of experience we’ve accumulated, we’ve grown highly flexible in our capacity to administer even the most intricate plan designs with a level of ease that’s surprisingly manageable. Because we are able to construct any plan design that you can conceive of, we provide you the authority to govern not only the conduct of employees but also the expenditures that they incur.

Please contact our customer support team for more information and queries. We’re here to help!


  1. Can you explain what an actuarial service for retirement is?

In addition to services for retirees’ medical and life duties, actuarial professionals offer all-encompassing consulting and valuation services for a broad variety of defined benefit and pension plans. Actuarial experts also provide services for defined contribution plans. Actuaries who specialize in pensions frequently provide suggestions regarding the means through which possible damage might be avoided or reduced. They are primarily concerned with the payment of benefits, namely payments made by a pension plan upon the death of a participant in the plan.

  1. How do actuaries determine the amount of a pension?

Actuaries are responsible for calculating pension benefits by utilising a standardised set of language outlined within the designs of each pension plan. Each year, statistics are determined for pension benefits that have already been accumulated from prior years, benefits that are accumulating from the current year, and benefits that are anticipated for future years. These figures are included in the pension benefits that are computed.

  1. What are the advantages from an actuarial standpoint?

When determining the amount of money a company must pay on a reoccurring basis to meet the expenses of its pension programs, actuaries often depend on the actuarial cost technique. The cost approach and the benefit approach are the two basic techniques that are used in the process of determining payments. Both of these approaches consider the situation’s costs and benefits. The “actuarial cost approach” also goes by the name “actuarial financing methodology.”

  1. What are some profitable ways to invest in actuarial funds?

An increase or reduction in the estimates used to assess the pension plan liabilities of a firm that delivers defined benefits is referred to as a gain or loss in actuarial terminology. The discount rate that is utilized in the process of establishing the present value of benefit payments and the projected rate of return on plan assets are two factors that have a direct bearing on the actuarial assumptions of a pension plan.

  1. What are some actuarial assumptions that are commonly used?

When actuaries talk about “making an actuarial assumption,” they refer to the process of estimating a variable that is unknown and then feeding that estimate into a financial model, most commonly for calculating premiums or benefits. Actuaries often use these estimates to calculate premiums or benefits. With the use of actuarial assumptions, which are models founded on mathematics and statistics, one can determine the level of risk and the likelihood associated with a certain event.

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